The Athens Health Department Helped Ohio University and Others Lie about FDA Approval

First lets summarize what we know. Comirnaty was approved by the FDA, at the time of writing this it is unavailable in America. Spikevax was more recently approved by the FDA, it is also not available in America.

This means providers can continue to distribute and use Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) vaccines, while patients may believe they are receiving an FDA approved vaccine. The chart below summarizes the differences for a patient who takes an FDA approved vaccine or an EUA vaccine.

Approved or Authorized?ApprovedAuthorized
Can you sue for damage
caused by the vaccine?
Source and

So once again to be very clear if you take a Emergency Use Authorized vaccine and even if it kills you, YOU CAN NOT hold anyone liable for the damages caused to you.

This is why it has been frequently reported by the press that Pharmaceutical companies will not give their products to people who actually can sue them.

A lot of people may wonder, If the Pharma companies are doing this to protect themselves from lawsuits, how do they get everyone else including healthcare providers to go along with it? A recent release of 1,000+ pages from the Athens County/City Health Department may help shed some light on how this Big-pharma created misinformation is spread in a healthcare setting.

Misinformation at the County Level

I want to start with some of the most blatant misinformation I have ever seen. November 3rd, 2021 Athens county held a COVID EMA (Emergency Management Agency) Brief. Keep in mind to today February 8th 2022 COMIRNATY is the only FDA approved vaccine made by Pfizer and it is only for people 16+ STILL.

In the COVID EMA Brief someone made a slide that said the Pfizer vaccine was FDA approved on November 1st, 2021 for kids 5-11. This is blatantly false.

Whoever made the presentation must have heard about this November 1st, because what really happened is on October 29th, 2021 the FDA Emergency Use Authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for kids 5-11. It DID NOT receive approval and IS STILL NOT APPROVED. The FDA couldn’t make this any clearer.

The source that was linked on the presentation even says it is “emergency use”. The source did use the word “approved” misleadingly. The difference between FDA approved and EUA authorized is not complicated but Pharma funded news sources like HealthDay continue to mislead and cause confusion for monetary gain.

This presentation was shared with who knows how many people throughout Athens county. How many providers took this false information and shared it with patients? One thing we do know for sure is that Gillian Ice received this presentation.

Another Email from the Health Department sent on September 28th, 2021 about a month after the FDA announced COMIRNATY’s approval shows they knew the available vaccines were Emergency Use Authorized, they never bothered to send the COMIRNATY fact sheet since no one ever had any COMIRNATY to give.

These fact sheets from the email all make it VERY clear, all available COVID vaccines are EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZED

The health department likes to do the same thing Gillian Ice does and act like the “Legally Distinct” vaccines are actually the same exact thing.

In this email Jack Pepper of the Athens country Health department repeats the lie that the FDA approved Pfizer for 5-11 year old’s. Once again, what actually happened is the FDA Emergency Use Authorized the Pfizer-BionNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for kids ages 5-11, it was never approved and still is not. Using this incorrect vocabulary is unethical, and if the excuse is these people aren’t smart enough to understand the difference between FDA authorization and approval, they sure as hell should not be in a position to make health recommendations for others.

It seems the health department was getting a lot of questions about the details of the vaccine that the health department was struggling to answer. If health officials did not lie and cause confusion about the vaccines, maybe Health department employees could actually answer the questions from concerned patients. This email was sent to try and help them answer these questions.

Attached to the email is an interesting document from the CDC. The CDC makes the statement “Vaccines are not interchangeable” which was the case before COVID. They explain in some cases interchangeability is now allowed. I wonder what case that is.

The Health department also received This Document from FEMA. FEMA provides funding for mostly everything related to COVID as long as the Health Department follows orders and doesn’t get out of line actually trying to save lives.

Lets focus on the vaccination section, since the government continues to act like vaccines are the only treatment for COVID, Maybe vaccine funding will help us understand. The Federal Government uses are tax dollars to pay for all COVID vaccine doses no questions asked. Other costs are also eligible for more funding if they do what they are told by “established vaccine protocols”.

Once again this extra funding applies to almost everything vaccine related. FEMA even provides fund for “Onsite emergency medical care to address adverse reactions to vaccinations or other emergency medical care needs that may arise while administering COVID-19 vaccinations.”

Someone applied to be the Public Health Emergency Preparedness coordinator. The Athens health department followed up after their to ask if they will remove their name from consideration if the COVID vaccine is required for employment.

The person who was interviewed said they would not take the vaccine and would withdraw their name if that was a condition of employment. They would rather not get the job than take the vaccine, just an interesting find.

There are thousands of pages from this release and we will be releasing more soon. Check out our File Cabinet to see all full source documents.

One thought on “The Athens Health Department Helped Ohio University and Others Lie about FDA Approval

  1. Interestingly that is one of the things that irritates me in that the vaccines are still for ’emergency use’ yet the narrative is that they are tried, tested, and safe for use. Then there is the matter of vaccine injuries, which are enormous globally, that also tends to be ignored.


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