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Ohio University Ends Vaccine Mandate?

Beginning with Summer Semester 2022, Ohio University will no longer require COVID-19 vaccination for Ohio University employees and non-residential students. Students in dorms will continue to be illegally required to receive an experimental Emergency Authorized Vaccine (EUA) that Ohio University knowingly misleads people to believe is a different FDA approved…

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Ohio University COVID Operations Has Been DEFUNDED!

This week Ohio University announced they will be “discontinuing” the COVID Operations Office (lead by Gillian Ice) at the end of this fiscal year on June 30th.  President Sherman thanked Gillian Ice and the COVID team. Despite Gillian Ice and the COVID team being instrumental in the spread of anti-science…

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Emails: Some of The “Peer Pressure” Gillian Ice was “Hoping To Use Won’t be Possible Due to Decisions Made by Others Following The Frustrating Changes to The CDC Guidance.”

the Ohio Public Records Act or the “Sunshine Laws.” requires that public meetings be open to the public, that public records be open and available to the public and that public records be maintained in such a manner that they will be available to the public upon request. People employed…

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Press Release: March 30th Lawsuit Update

Since Ohio U has updated their guidance on testing and masks they have filed 2 New Notices of supplemental authority. Notices of supplemental authority are used to advise or inform the courts of changes Ohio U has made to their restrictions relevant to the case. First you can catch up on…

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