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The Semblance of Normal

Over a year ago in August 2021 we began out fight along with thousands of students and parents across the country who knew something was not right. Everyone knew shutting down schools and businesses was unprecedented and wrong. Everyone quickly realized testing people who had no symptoms of any infection…

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Ohio University has Secretly Announced a new Mask Mandate

Last week Ohio University secretly announced the return of their COVID mask mandate, “Beginning Tuesday, June 21, 2022, masks are required” Once again at Ohio University. Only students with in-person classes were informed of this, because Ohio University knows how unpopular and ineffective mask mandates are so they obviously don’t…

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Public Records Expose Ohio University’s Cash 4 Jabs Program.

The White House and the Department of Education launched the White House College Vaccine Challenge in May of 2021. Through this program, the White House, in essence, asked colleges to act as sales and marketing departments for the companies that produce the EUA Covid-19 shots. Participating colleges “commit to taking three key…

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Ohio University Ends Vaccine Mandate?

Beginning with Summer Semester 2022, Ohio University will no longer require COVID-19 vaccination for Ohio University employees and non-residential students. Students in dorms will continue to be illegally required to receive an experimental Emergency Authorized Vaccine (EUA) that Ohio University knowingly misleads people to believe is a different FDA approved…

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