Public School Employees Groom Students To Coerce Them To Take an Emergency Use Authorized Drug

Warner Mendenhall gave an excellent speech at the Ohio Stands Up! event in Cincinnati this past weekend. In the video below Warner explains how schools are using commonly known grooming tactics to get students vaccinated and force them to follow unconstitutional and anti-science mandates.

In 2017, the Department of Education published a report warning that public school employees “groom” and then commit “adult sexual misconduct” (ASM) against 10% of all K-12 students.

The DOE defines “grooming” as the process of isolating and manipulating a child.

Now usually grooming is used by pedophiles to target children, but consider for a second that same type of isolation and manipulation is picked up and applied to grooming students to get them to take a vaccine or other acts they don’t really want to do instead of a sexual interaction. In this case, Instead of grooming students for ASM students are being groomed to take an Emergency Use Authorized drug.

According to the DOE one way grooming happens is through public employees providing gifts to students.

We saw this tactic used to encourage “Bobcats” to get vaxxed at Ohio University. Students who had chosen to not get vaccinated were offered “money and other incentives” if they got vaccinated before November 15th, 2021.

The DOE report further explains the groomer will test the adults surrounding the student or school. Groomers will see how parents react to true and false information. An example they provide is that a groomer may lead others to believe the parents have provided consent when they have not. This is where the groomer begins separating the student from their parents.

Through public records we have learned that every public school in Ohio received backlash for their illegal and anti-science COVID vaccine mandates from parents. In the email below Tammy Ewin the VP of Akron University shares with her colleagues a document of reactions to the mandate from parents and students. She admits students “seem pleased” and that parents and alumni are “less than pleased”.

The full email and attached document is available below.

There is some serious groomer behavior that can be found in just this document. One example of this is that they make note of unhappy parents creating a Facebook group. the colleges monitored multiple Facebook groups to see how parents were reacting to the true and false information they were sharing, just like groomers do according to the Department of Education. Akron U “thought this might happen”

Here are some examples of the comments they were collecting from parent Facebook groups:

In this document they also admit the older people are, the more likely they are to not agree with the school’s decision.

According to the DOE Grooming turns into exploitation when groomers begin aggressively defending their conduct. Groomers will indicate their actions are because they CARE MORE about the students than other adults or parents.

In our previous post we looked at some of Gillian Ice’s emails. In those emails we found Gillian was not allowed to use “some of the peer pressure” she was “hoping to use”. Other people at the school told Gillian some of the things she wanted to do could not be done because of the CDC’s guidance and laws against the actions they wanted to take. She even calls the CDC guidance “frustrating”. She had already began defending her actions at this point, she was already convinced she cared more about the students than the CDC or others at OU.

The DOE explains that groomers “will begin to assume a supportive family member role while isolating the student from his or her family“.

In another email Gillian said she has a “greater ability to influence students when they are on campus” away from their parents. She admits “parents have strong opposition [to the vaccine]. Students may feel differently but can’t act on it at home.” She admits its hard to reach students when they are with their parents at home, this email was sent over summer break.

The DOE also says groomers will bribe, extort, isolate, intimidate, manipulate, and/or coerce the student.

We can find public examples of nearly all of these.

Here is the table of “incentives” made to public school students at Ohio University. $190,100 that was not available for professors that got fired but was available to encourage students to take an injection they didn’t want at least up to that point.

“Up To Date” Students at Ohio University do not have to isolate in quarantine if they are exposed to COIVD-19. Students who are unvaccinated or fully vaccinated and not boosted are required to isolate and quarantine away from others at Ohio University.

In this next email Gillian Ice informed me I was in violation of the university policy and if I was not vaccinated I needed to get tested that week. Gillian singled me out, looked up my medical test results, and told me I was violating university policy all because I sent an email sharing my concerns about mandating an experimental EUA vaccine.

In our previous post we discussed in depth how Ohio University used “peer pressure” to coerce and manipulate students to take the EUA jab.

Another email received under public records requests from Shari Mickey-Boggs who was the chief HR officer at Wright State shows how they also had concerned parents reaching out to them about the vaccine mandate. These same emails can be found across all the Ohio Public colleges and we will share more as we go through more of the public records.

There is no doubt this type of grooming is going on all over Ohio in K-12 schools and University’s. You CAN NOT give informed consent if you are groomed into consenting, but they never cared about informed consent or any basic medical ethics for that matter.

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