Emails: Some of The “Peer Pressure” Gillian Ice was “Hoping To Use Won’t be Possible Due to Decisions Made by Others Following The Frustrating Changes to The CDC Guidance.”

the Ohio Public Records Act or the “Sunshine Laws.” requires that public meetings be open to the public, that public records be open and available to the public and that public records be maintained in such a manner that they will be available to the public upon request. People employed by public university’s are government employees who’s email’s are public record. Recent public records requests have uncovered some frightening anti-science and coercive actions at Ohio U.

Let’s go back to July 18th, 2021. Gillian Ice received an email from someone who is not a public employee so their name and identifying information has been redacted. The person praised Gillian for encouraging students to take the still experimental spike protein delivery vaccines through the “Bobcats get vaxxed” program and shared their thoughts.

The person’s first shares that people who have more friends who are vaccinated feel more peer pressure to get vaccinated. This person wants students to inject themselves with an Emergency Use Authorized vaccine not because it’s safe, not because it’s effective, not because COVID is a big risk to them (it’s not), but because their friends are doing it.

They finish by asking Gillian what more can be done to “facilitate peer pressure” to inject the needle.

Gillian replies the next day saying some of the “peer pressure” she was “hoping to use won’t be possible due to decisions made by others following the frustrating changes to the CDC guidance.”

The CDC guidance Gillian is likely referring to the CDC guidance prioritizing in person learning that changed about 2 weeks before her email.

Gillian is eluding that the “peer pressure” she wanted to use involved discriminating against the people who had not received the Emergency Use Authorized injection. This would be done by keeping the unvaccinated out of class and requiring the unvaccinated to wear a mask, and requiring the unvaccinated remain distanced from their vaccinated friends who would not have to miss class, wear a mask, or remain distanced. As we will discuss in a second thankfully HB 244 stopped this discriminatory “peer pressure” from taking place. The “others” Gillian refers to is likely someone who actually understands the law and CDC guidance unlike Gillian.

Gillian then lists off the “peer pressure” and vaccine promotion she was ‘allowed’ to use. This including campus injection influencers, 9 students roaming the campus to talk to other students about taking the needle injection, Applying for a grant to hire someone to engage students leader about taking the experimental injections, Incentives including like money and rewards in exchange for taking the experimental injection, a leaderboard to see what residence hall had jabbed themselves the most, pop-up clinicals for easy access to the emergency use authorized needles, and asking deans and staff the encourage their colleges to get themselves injected. Seems ethical when you put it that way, huh?

Gillian goes on to say whatever they do has to be done quickly because of Ohio House Bill 244. Gillian acknowledges that Ohio U’s pathways program and testing plan is discriminatory and that it would have to change if FDA approved vaccines are not available by the time the bill goes into affect. Gillian also mentions she is open to any and all ideas when it comes to getting people to get the vaccine injected into them.

As everyone knows still as of this post there is NO FDA APPROVED COVID-19 VACCINE AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

As we know Ohio University is still violating federal law, State law, and FDA guidelines by requiring students to receive an Emergency Use Authorized vaccine to attend Ohio University.

Despite in the above email where Gillian clearly acknowledges the FDA approval requirement and that Ohio U’s requirements would be illegal, Ohio U continued requiring students and staff get an Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) COVID-19 vaccine as still no FDA approved COVID vaccines are available.

Gillian and Ohio U will claim they are negligent to the fact COMIRNATY (Approved) is legally distinct from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine (EUA) and that Spikevax (Approved) is legally distinct from the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (EUA). Despite documented proof they have been informed of this fact multiple times and served notice of the via legal action. Instead of dropping the illegal vaccine requirment, Ohio U and Gillian claim they now they the vaccine’s noted above are “interchangeable” and the same thing so they are all FDA approved in their minds, this is obviously not true.

After Gillian sent that email the same day July 19th, 2021 the redacted person replied.

The person giving these recommendations to Gillian makes so seemingly outrageous claims about future spread of the Delta variant. Let’s look closer at these estimates and see how accurate they really ended up being.

First, the person claims the U.S. 7 Day moving average would surpass the previous peak around August 20th. According to the CDC the Delta surge actually never surpassed the previous peak and the 7-day average didn’t either until the Omicron surge December 27th, over 4 months after the person estimated. After over 500 million EUA COVID-19 vaccines had been administered.


Next, the person claims the Ohio 7 Day moving average would surpass the previous peak around September 5th. According to the CDC the Delta surge actually never surpassed the previous peak in Ohio and the 7-day average didn’t either until the Omicron surge December 27th, over 3 months after the person estimated. After over 16 million EUA COVID-19 vaccines had been administered in Ohio.

You can see how liberal media and Big pharma propaganda completely misinformed this person on the spread of Delta and the effectiveness of the EUA COVID vaccines. You can see how someone so misinformed giving advice and Gillian taking advice from them can be a problem. This is why people like Gillian should trust the science and data and not liberal media, big pharma, and their personal acquaintances how create ridiculously inaccurate estimates that help stoke the hysterical fear that drives illegal mandates.

Regardless this person calls these estimated calculations “trivial” despite the fact the calculations were off by 1/3 of a year and the idea the vaccine would stop spread was proven so wrong the vaccine may actually do the opposite.

After all this, this person recommends unvaccinated students be “peer pressured” by being sent home after a few weeks on campus if they do not get vaccinated, which is blatantly anti-science, discriminatory, and unethical.

The same day Gillian sent another reply. First Gillian says she would love to use to visualizations of the grossly inaccurate projection to spread fear of COVID on social media and more places.

Then Gillian says she thinks the school has a better “ability to influence students” decisions when they are on campus.

Gillian acknowledges parents (who’s biological job it is to protect their children) are opposed to their children being forced to be injected with an Emergency Use Authorized experimental vaccine with unknown side effects.

Gillian also refers to how students can do things on campus without their parents knowing, like getting needles injected into them without their parents knowledge.

There has recently been a concerning pattern of Public school employees grooming children to do things without their parents knowing or consenting. It seems this same type of behavior was being used to “influence” students to do something that “parents have strong opposition” about. This is likely why so much time and energy was used to set up over 100 vaccination clinics that saw little use overall. Gillian wanted to provide student’s every opportunity they could to be injected without their parents knowing.

The next day the redacted person replies, there really isn’t much important here except the person admitting those initial terrible projections were their own and elaborating on how they came up with such a ridiculous projection.

Gillian’s reply asks the redacted person if they have thought about writing a letter to AthensNews relating to what they had previously discussed. It’s scary to think Gillian want’s to spread these ridiculous projections and ideas of peer pressure further.

The same day the previously unknown redacted name person replies, admitting they are a member of a school’s Faculty. They also say their best idea is threatening their fellow faculty members that courses may “switch to online any time” if they do not get and encourage the experimental jab.

The reason this person being a member of a school faculty is interesting is because if this is a public school this person should be using their school email address. Their name and email address is redacted because they are either using a private email address for public work or they work at a private school. Considering they interview with AthensNews it’s very possible this is an OU faculty member using a private email.

If that is the case OU should not have redacted this name from their records, but they did. Just something interesting worth pointing out.

Gillian did not reply to the persons email. A little over 2 weeks later they sent another email after masking for all was reinstated. They share some more misinformed reasons why they personally live in fear. They admit the unvaccinated wont voluntarily wear masks, they admit required masking for the unvaccinated is unenforceable because it’s illegal, they admit they care about fairness for the vaccinated (after saying how much they want to discriminate against the unvaccinated), and finally come to what is the only sensible conclusion, that people should take their pick whether they wear a mask or not, as our lawsuit seeks to prove is everyone’s right under Ohio law anyways.

Gillian replied the next day confirming a lot of people from different perspective were unhappy with the decision to bring back the mask mandate days before the start of the semester.

She says “logical arguments do not work with people who are not logical. Hard to counter magical thinking.” What is more illogical? believing medical choice is a basic human right, or thinking vaccines and masks will stop the spread of COVID when data and science clearly show vaccines and masks have only increased spread.

Gillian then still admits she feels like she is bracing for an eventual crash into an iceberg.

The final email received in this chain the redacted person sent the next day. Again nothing really important, just them pretending Gillian Ice is the captain of OU’s metaphorical titanic, which is the ship that was famously called unsinkable and hit an iceberg and sank.

The full uncut email thread between these 2 is below. Keep in mind new emails appear at the top on inboxes so records of email thread start at the bottom and go to the top. We have received over 40,000 pages of public records so far. You can visit our file cabinet to see some of the larger documents we have uploaded. More analysis’ like this one but of those records will be out soon. This story is deep and bad. We won’t stop until we get to the bottom of it and people are held accountable for their anti-science, discriminatory, and unethical human rights violations.

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