The Semblance of Normal

Over a year ago in August 2021 we began out fight along with thousands of students and parents across the country who knew something was not right. Everyone knew shutting down schools and businesses was unprecedented and wrong. Everyone quickly realized testing people who had no symptoms of any infection was unprecedented and wrong. Everyone knew that if mandatory masking actually could stop the spread of infectious disease in a community, masks would have always been a part of our daily clothing, everyone knew it was wrong. Finally, everyone knew requiring an experimental mRNA injection produced by the biggest criminal organizations in world history was absolutely wrong. The truth is, everyone knew, they still know. What is sad is millions of people would go on to continue to deny this blatant reality.

Whether it was out of spite for a president they didn’t like, if it was because they feared losing their job, or if it was because they thought they had to show allegiance to their political party, Millions of people chose to lie, attack, slander, and defame those who were not scared to speak these obvious truths.

Now Ohio University has essentially dropped all COVID mandates. The failed vaccine is no longer required even for residential students. Masks which failed to stop the spread of COVID for years are no longer required. Students are not being locked out of their dorms because of mismanaged required testing. For the first time in a long time, this semester of class felt normal.

Take this time to rejoice, get out and do all the things OU and others took away from us for nearly 2 years. Enjoy every second of it, we all deserve it.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who took a stand and did what they knew was right. It’s one of the hardest things someone could have done through this pandemic. Most of us will never receive as much as an apology from those who slandered and smeared us, and that is perfectly fine. It was never about getting a win for us, it was about protecting students rights, medical freedom, and giving a voice to the voiceless. We accomplished that, that’s something the detractors can never take away from us.

It is not hard to see that the campus is coming back to life. People are happy to be able to have the normal college experience they expected. The COVID mandates did and will continue to have a long lasting effect on students mental and physical health, something the detractors can only pretend to care about after showing the world for 2 years that they clearly did not care.

As it stands now Ohio University’s Public Health policy now reflects almost exactly what I recommended them do over nearly a year ago recorded in the post below.

So much could have been avoided by making these simple changes long ago. It goes to show how Ohio University’s health policy was not based in logic, critical thinking, or common sense. If I, a business student was able to read studies, learn the facts, and do the research there is absolutely no excuse for Ohio U’s public health team to not have been able to. Incompetence is an under statement. While I am happy these changes have finally been made, it’s far too late and a lot of damage has already been done.

It is truly saddening that nobody has been held accountable for Ohio University’s failed “prevention measures”. So much damage to students could have been avoided with faster action by the university. Instead Ohio U clung on to their failed prevention methods because of recommendations from misguided “health officials” at the university.

The Fight Is Not Over

Everyone knows that if you do not learn from your mistakes, you will repeat them. Administration at Ohio University has a lot of trouble learning from their mistakes. Our lawsuit remains open in the Ohio 4th Circuit appeals court. We will not be ending our lawsuit or fight until the precedent is set in court and Ohio Public universities know they can never do this again.

Not only that, Thousands of students across America continue to be attacked and discriminated against because of their medical choices. The battle at OU might be coming to a close, and again that’s great, but as a group who has fought hard to do the right thing and found success it is important for us to be a beacon of hope for those still facing illegal and discriminatory mandates. The war on Americans and their freedoms is far from over.

With that said I want to provide some extra resources to help more people.

No College Mandates is a great organization who has worked so hard to fight mandates at colleges across the nation. You’d be hard pressed to find another group which is so full of friendly parents and students all trying to help each other.

Health Freedom Council was started by our lawyer in order to help others across the country find legal representation and legal resources to help in their fights.

Students Against Mandates was started by a student who was relentlessly attacked for her choice not to get the vaccine. It is a great community for students to find other students in the fight as well as getting exemptions from the failed requirements.

The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation has become well known for it’s efforts to defeat mandates and share the truth about COVID-19. It is a great resource for anyone who wants to increase their understanding of this virus and vaccine. The top medical experts are frequently featured on their weekly live shows.

Children’s Health Defense was founded long ago by Robert Kennedy and is not new to this fight. They have been a global leader in exposing the dangerous for profit practices of the big pharma industry.

You are never alone, and you should never feel like you can’t exercise your right to free speech because of the threat of a woke mob attacking you. Never be scared to do something you know is the right thing to do. So many people and organizations have helped us through our fight, and I want to extend the largest thank you to all of them.

3 years ago I could have never seen my self where I am now and If I could go back I would happily do it all again. The people who supported me and the people who attacked me have both been huge motivators for me. Now is my time to pay it forward and do everything I can to help others across the country. We will keep fighting, We will keep winning, and we will keep defending the things that make this country the greatest country in the world!

Live Free or Die,
Tyce Patt / Founder of SaveOhioU

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