At Ohio U Over 7x More Vaccinated People Tested Positive for COVID-19 Than Unvaccinated People

Via Public Records requests we now have an idea of just how badly the COVID vaccines failed at Ohio University. The most recent data OU collected showed just how bad the Vaccines have failed. 7x More vaccinated people at Ohio University caught COVID than the unvaccinated. According to OU’s own data over 3,400 more vaccinated people had caught COVID-19 as of February 1st.

As a result of this alarming data OU quickly stopped testing, took down the COVID dashboard, and did not keep record of this data again after this point. Instead of informing the community about this and admitting they were wrong about vaccine effectiveness, OU did everything they could to suppress the data and hide this from the community.

The first thing the big pharma lovers are going to say now is “The vaccine was never meant to stop the spread it was meant to prevent death”. First lets thank them for finally admitting there is no purpose of a vaccine mandate if it doesn’t prevent spread. Next lets allow them to watch their favorite Politicians, The Media, and Government employees lie and tell the world the vaccine does stop the spread:

OU was nice enough to track the data by age too. As you can clearly see from Ohio University’s own data at EVERY SINGLE AGE more vaccinated people caught COVID. You will also notice like many have said for over 2 years, the odds of testing positive for anyone are extremely low.

Let’s focus on the undergrad aged people. In the 15-19 age group over 7.7x more vaccinated people caught COVID-19. In the 20-24 age group over 8.7x more vaccinated people caught COVID-19. keep in mind this is still with the unvaccinated being required to test while the vaccinated were not required to test weekly. vaccinated 15-19 year old’s had the highest odds of testing positive.

If you believed the first 2 doses were effective I am not sure why you would have needed a booster in under a year. Despite this many got boosted anyway, and of those who got a booster at OU just under 10% of them still caught COVID-19 after getting boosted.

It is clear that the Vaccine mandate did not protect anyone from the spread as was it’s stated purpose. It is a fact that the 2 spikes in cases AFTER OU announced the COVID-19 vaccine requirement were MUCH WORSE than the 2 previous spikes when NO ONE was vaccinated.

Ohio University’s “Prevention Methods” completely FAILED to PREVENT COVID-19 infection ESPECIALLY for the the vaccinated people on campus.

Despite this everyone knows that Ohio University is going to use these same FAILED prevention methods once again. OU has already secretly brought back their mask mandate.

It is hard to find a group of people who have been more wrong more often than Ohio University’s Public Health office. They clearly are not interested in stopping the spread, and the students who trusted them do not seem interested in holding them accountable for their failed response and blatant lies.

Natural Immunity is very effective and almost always more effective than vaccination against COVID if the vaccinated person does not already have natural immunity. Another recent study of over 1 million people has confirmed this. If that is not enough you can find more than 150 studies that also support this claim here.

As Ohio University’s own data proves, the odds of any student catching COVID are very low. The odds of a healthy student being hospitalized or worse are nearly non existent. The only people realistically at risk from COVID are elderly people or people with multiple other health problems. The data and science clearly shows vaccination does not prevent spread and therefore can not protect the vulnerable from being infected.

Vaccination does however come with many risks for young healthy people. If we look at the same 15 to 24 year old age group on VAERS we see over 71,000 people have had an adverse effect reported to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS). At least 222 people have died after getting their vaccine, 6,821 people have been hospitalized, and less than half have recovered from the adverse effect. A Harvard study found and estimated VAERS to account for only about 1% of vaccine injuries. This means these numbers could actually be 100x more than the VAERS data currently shows.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and steer clear of these “vaccines” designed to deliver the toxic spike protein into your body via direct injection. The science and data is clear, unless you listen to the people in the video below of course. Here is 10 minutes of politicians, news hosts, and government employees blatantly lying about the COVID vaccines:

Clearly there is little benefit to COVID vaccination, and there is absolutely no benefit to mandating COVID vaccines. The people still pushing these dangerous injections are being manipulated by the millions big pharma has spent on marketing and they don’t even realize it.

The raw PDF of Ohio University’s most recent data by vaccination status (before they stopped tracking it because it looks bad) is available below.

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