Public Records Expose Ohio University’s Cash 4 Jabs Program.

The White House and the Department of Education launched the White House College Vaccine Challenge in May of 2021. Through this program, the White House, in essence, asked colleges to act as sales and marketing departments for the companies that produce the EUA Covid-19 shots. Participating colleges “commit to taking three key actions” to get as many shots in arms as possible:

“… engaging every student, faculty, and staff member; organizing their college communities; and delivering vaccine access for all.”

The program provides participating colleges with marketing toolkits to promote vaccination and support for setting up on-campus vaccination clinics. By participating, a college gains recognition from the White House and signals to the Department of Education (the grantor of HEERFs ) that they are in alignment with their suggested campus mitigation efforts. Section 2003(5)(A) of the ARP requires IHEs to use a portion of funding that is not reserved for student grants to “implement evidence-based practices to monitor and suppress coronavirus in accordance with public health guidelines.” Page 10

So what do you think the very first “evidence-based practice” that institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) are required to use a portion of their funding for is? “Offering and Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination” of course! Page 11

The Department of Higher Education admits in this document that the COVID relief grants can be used to “boost vaccination rates on campus by covering the cost” of things like vaccine clinics, counseling for students and staff who are vaccine hesitant, and conducting messaging to build vaccine confidence. The more these schools pushed the vaccine the larger their grants would be. Page 11

As a result more than 1,000 US colleges and universities mandated Covid-19 vaccines for students as a condition of enrollment. Ohio University was obviously one of these colleges and took it a step further with their “Bobcats get Vaxxed” program since they knew people who had read the scientific literature on COVID-19 vaccination would rather be kicked out of school than injected by the experimental gene therapy.

When Ohio University announced the COVID vaccine mandate only 69% of the Athens Campus had chosen to get the vaccine. This is when Ohio University also announced they would be offering “cash” and more for students and employees who decided to take the EUA vaccine.

Gillian Ice’s most recent “Public Health Update” sent May 3rd shows the Cash for Jabs program increased the total vaccination rate over 20% on all campuses, The Athens campus is over 90% vaccinated now. At least 20% of students and staff at Ohio University chose to get vaccinated after the Cash for Jabs program began. Gillian says the are proud of this work, which is an odd thing to be proud about considering COVID cases have only increased with vaccination rates.

Cash for Jabs

Ohio University long discussed ways they could coerce students and staff to take the Emergency Use Authorized COVID vaccine. You can read about that here, but that was not all…

Ultimately, Ohio University’s primary plan to encourage vaccination had nothing to do with data, science, or ethics. Their best idea of promoting vaccination in the fall of 2021 was offering bribes and prizes as their discussions below shows.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a bribe as something that serves to “induce or influence” and is usually money or a favor.

Thanks to Gillian Ice telling us herself on public record that her and the schools goal was quite literally to “Influence” students which the school would weeks later announce they would use cash to do. We know this is the textbook definition of a bribe.

On August 31st 2021, Ohio University finalized and approved their bribery plans for students and staff who got vaccinated. 89 Students who got vaccinated would be chosen to win $100 each week. Each employee who got vaccinated would receive $100 each. Greek Life and Residence halls also received incentives to “exert peer pressure” at Gillian Ice’s request.

The screenshot below is from the Incentive document where Gillian Ice’s comments are in purple, Maria Modayil’s comments in red, and Colleen Bendl’s comments are in blue. When Maria recommends doubling the amount of winners by cutting the prize in half to $50 Gillian Ice replies “lets do $100” because Ohio University President Hugh Sherman is “all about the cash”.

One thing is for sure, these people are all about the cash. Look at Gillian Ice for example. Just for the 2022 fiscal year OU projected her compensation to include an additional nearly $100,000 for her special assistant role to the president. Why would someone like that want COVID fear to end and take a nearly 100,000 dollar pay cut as a result? Of course Gillian wants the fear of COVID to continue. If the vaccines worked and actually stopped COVID that would be like getting demoted.

This is why Ohio University continues to knowingly pushing an unapproved vaccine, and the mandates the government “recommends” they implement if they want more grant money. it’s all about the money.

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