Press Release: March 30th Lawsuit Update

Since Ohio U has updated their guidance on testing and masks they have filed 2 New Notices of supplemental authority. Notices of supplemental authority are used to advise or inform the courts of changes Ohio U has made to their restrictions relevant to the case. First you can catch up on our previous post about the initial mandate changes and see how these mandates still violate the law. Since that post the mask mandate has again been updated but remains unlawful as we will discuss towards the end of this press release.

The first new filing was filed 3/16/2022 after Ohio U ended their discriminatory and anti-science COVID testing mandate.

Ohio University is now only “requesting” people complete an asymptomatic test based on known exposure regardless of vaccination status.

Ohio U Implies in their health update they cited in the filing that COVID surges made the requirements necessary and they can only be relaxed now because of the low spread in Athens. This implies what we already know, Ohio University will again illegally mandate testing once cases and hysteria of new surges increase enough to justify again forcing Emergency Use Authorized tests on students and staff. That is why our lawsuit is still relevant in the case of testing.

Our most recent post discussed how mandates can easily return and Gillian Ice is already freaking out about the next COVID surge.

The full filing From Ohio U for testing is below:

The next filing came after Ohio University *updated* not ended their Mask Mandate. They claim as Gillian also falsely has that they updated their masking requirements to be “consistent” with the CDC’s guidance.

The CDC could not make it any clearer in their guidance that “At all levels, people can wear a mask based on personal preference, informed by personal level of risk.

Despite the CDC’s guidance Ohio University only actually follows this guidance, federal law, and your right to refuse medical treatment as an Ohioan when the county level is low. As they admit below in their cited webpage.

That full filing is below.


Ohio University’s defense is clearly very weak and desperate. Keep in mind these changes do not affect the damage previously caused by mandates. Keep in mind these mandates will return if Ohio University is not stopped by our lawsuit. People MUST BE held responsible for the nonrepairable damage they have caused students and staff at Ohio University and we will not stop until they are. Hopefully Ohio U’s weak defense and argument is sign a ruling on our case in finally near.

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