Public Misinformation Update: March 15, 2022

Testing has been made fully optional. Masks and Vaccines remain required.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 Gillian Ice sent out another “Public health update” via email to Ohio U students and staff. This email refreshingly has much less misinformation than previous updates, but it’s also short.

The email begins explaining that Ohio University is lifting the asymptomatic test mandate.

They say they are lifting this part of the mandate because cases are declining. Cases got this low in the winter, so why was testing still required then?

As you may know at no level of community spread does the CDC recommend required asymptomatic testing. In fact, the CDC only recommends testing if exposed at every level of community transmission. It even recommends schools only screen people who are exposed. Ohio U’s new testing policy finally reflects the CDC’s recommendations.

Why did it take Ohio U so long to make this change?

One reason is that other Inter-University council member schools dropped their testing mandates. Kent State dropped theirs today admitting it wont be back until “further notice”

The Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) was established in 1939 by Ohio State as a “voluntary” educational association of Ohio’s public universities. Today the association represents all of Ohio’s 14 public universities. They have turned into a bureaucratic organization that uses its influence over Ohio’s university’s for profit.

This email recieved under public record law shows Eli Faes from Toledo saying the IUC has a “Core cabal”

They want to discuss HB 244 the Ohio law the banned Universities from mandating Emergency Use Authorized vaccine which they are knowingly doing anyway. In the Email below in a discussion about HB 244 Mike Suver the VP of government operations at the IUC says he does not follow Ohio Department of health guidance or orders.

Below are over 1,000 Pages of emails between IUC members. Gillian Ice is in here plenty, I encourage you to look through it. These people know what they are doing is wrong and they continue to do it and discuss how they can dance around the law.

Finally the last time Ohio University reported asymptomatic testing only a single student tested and testing negative. Literally almost no one is complying with the testing mandate because it was that stupid and anti-science, and that is exactly why Gillian wants to bring testing requirements back. This is why we must stop them, this is why we are suing them.

Finally after announcing testing is optional Gillian pleads to people to take a test anyways, despite the CDC’s recommendations.

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