Public Misinformation Update: March 1, 2022

February 25th, The Centers For Disease Control updated their mask guidance. The Graphic below summarizes the new guidance.

As of the time of this post Athens County, Ohio is in the low spread level, which the CDC recommends fully optional mask wearing, as we have, and recommended to the school countless times. The CDC level check is below so you can check the levels at the current time while you’re reading this.

There are plenty of problems with the new CDC guidance just like the previous guidance, but it is a step in the right direction. The biggest problem is how easily it is by increasing testing to get the level up to justify reinstating mask mandates. Mask mandates will return in the fall and maybe sooner, unless more action is taken to stop mandates, which is why our lawsuit is so important.

These changes from the CDC led to Gillian Ice releasing a new public health update and Ohio University updating their mask mandate, not lifting it as the CDC clearly recommends. Masks are still required in classrooms, laboratories, studios and clinical settings as well as on campus transportation regardless of COVID-19 community level. This Violates the Ohio Constitution and your right to refuse medical treatment, choose your medical treatments, and prevention methods. This also Violates Federal law and FDA guidelines which requires the right to refuse EUA authorized products, which masks are.

Furthermore the CDC BOLDY States “At all levels, people can wear a mask based on personal preference, informed by personal level of risk.”

Ohio University’s current mask mandate violates federal law, state law, FDA EUA guidance, and CDC Guidance. That’s how anti-science it has become.

The CDC guidance emphasizes in their Higher Ed guidance in its first key point that it does not replace any state or local laws, rules and regulations with which Ohio University must comply.

The CDC further emphasizes in its introduction that Ohio University determine how
to implement the guidance “in accordance with applicable law”. and states that this guidance does not replace any applicable federal, state, or local health and safety laws, rules, and regulations. That’s from the document Gillian Ice Submitted in her Affidavit defending the mandates, Thanks Gillian!

Gillian Ice Affidavit Exhibit A

So lets see the latest misinformation Gillian is emailing students. First she reminds everyone about the new mask policy changes. She then makes the false claim they are based on CDC guidance, as we discussed earlier the CDC currently recommends no required masks.

Despite this CDC guidance, Gillian still thinks its necessary to again violate the guidance by breaking the law to continue forcing students to wear masks against their will in class.

Gillian says people have shared concerns for their safety without a stricter mask mandate, I ask these people 2 simple questions:

  1. Do you think masks work?
  2. Are you still able to wear a mask without a mandate?

This is why medical choice is such an important human right. Our lawsuit does not seek to prevent a single person that wants to wear a mask from wearing a mask.

Next Gillian tells everyone take 2 extra COVID tests because of Spring Break travel. Because we know a certain amount will get false positives this will lead to a spike in the cases, which the University may use to tighten masks mandates if it temporarily raises the county COVID level. This is just another reason Requiring Asymptomatic Testing May Seem Harmless But It is CLEARLY Causing More Harm Than Good.

Finally Gillian asks the community to help us get cases to the low level, which as of this post they are, by continuing to use the failed prevention measures. But if Gillian really wanted cases to get lower she would quit recommending anti-science prevention methods that are based on her politics more than anything else, and recommend proven effective and safe treatments and prevention methods for COVID.

The timing of Ohio University’s mask changes is also odd, they made the change Tuesday in the middle of the day, 4 days after the CDC announced the new guidance. It could relate to the unexpected lifting of the Athens City Mask Mandate the night before. 😉


Gillian Ice’s Affidavit, we will be writing about this soon but it’s so bad I thought everyone should get a chance to read it now.

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