Gillian Ice: Public Misinformation Update for February 15th, 2022

Gillian starts her misinformation update by saying cases are continuing to decline, but they did spike at the end of last week.

As Gillian admits the increase was likely caused by forcing individuals who were exposed to test. It is worth noticing this surge was also larger than any surge when vaccines were not required.

As we warned earlier this year Ohio University is officially treating un-boosted people as unvaccinated. Any student who lives on campus and is unvaccinated or only has 2 doses of the vaccine and not a booster is now considered equal to unvaccinated and must quarantine.

So an unvaccinated student living off campus does not need to quarantine if they get COVID-19 but a fully vaccinated student who gets COVID-19 must quarantine. Does that mean vaccines are working? What it does mean is OU can’t force off campus students to quarantine so they are only forcing people who they can force to quarantine or get a booster to avoid it, more obvious coercion that is enriching big pharma.

Next Gillian encourages students to take another type of test! She admits as we said months ago in “Requiring Asymptomatic Testing May Seem Harmless But It is CLEARLY Causing More Harm Than Good.” PCR tests are VERY sensitive and are prone to false negatives. She also says PCR tests are more accurate in the next sentence, which makes literally no sense. Did she even read this before she sent it? Either way asymptomatic testing in unscientific and illegal.

Gillian finishes up by continuing not to make any sense. Should we visit elderly relatives? the answer to this questions was always yes before COVID, encouraging others not to visit their family while they can is so cruel. Not letting children (who are not at risk of COVID) have sleepovers is cruel. Gillian Ice doesn’t want you to do your own risk assessment because if people actually did that, no one would wear a mask and no one would get vaccinated, that’s why she likes assessing everyone’s risks, that she doesn’t even know, for them.

This part is my favorite, if Vaccines are working to block COVID-19 (they aren’t) why would someone get a booster? If boosters are working to block COVID-19 (they aren’t) why would someone wear a mask? If masks ever worked to block COVID-19 why was there even a need for vaccines? Because none of it works, the point was never to “block” COVID-19, it was to make money.

If the graph below shows mandates working I would HATE TO SEE what Gillian Ice thinks not working looks like.

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