Pfizer’s Trials Only Showed Vaccination Prevented COVID, Trials Did Not Show Reduction in Symptoms or Deaths.

The FDA approved COMIRNATY for indication of prevention of COVID-19, But the official Randomized Control Trials (RCT) never demonstrated a reduction of COVID Like symptoms – they only showed that sick people tested positive less often!


See the Full approval letter below:

Experts originally ran with the data that is now clear Pfizer falsified, for months before they admitted the vaccines do not actually stop transmission.

Now “the experts” falsely claim the vaccines reduce symptoms and death, which the clinical trials never demonstrated. To make matters worse Pfizer’s 6 Month report following up the original clinical trials actually found compared to the placebo group, an increase in illness and deaths.

Pfizer originally published falsified data showing more people in the placebo group had died than people who had taken the experimental vaccine. It was also discovered Pfizer HID deaths of vaccinated people in the RCT by unblinding them, giving them the vaccine, and then removing their death from the data.

The video below does a great job of explaining the issues with the Pfizer RCT’s. It is a highly recommended watch and share.

The full 50 page report from the Canadian COVID Care Alliance is available below:

Not only are there very little testing done of safety and effectiveness for these vaccines because they were rushed, all the unbiased studies there are and even Pfizer’s own trial had to admit the vaccines are causing more harm than good as a whole.

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