OU Got a New Public Health Email Update, And It’s Full of Anti-Science Misinformation

According to the Public Health Update, the Outdoors is the safest place for activities during the COVID-19 surge. This is true. Outside is also the only place masks are not required on campus. Hundreds of studies have found masks are ineffective and even cause harm.

The update goes on to claim COVID Operations managed approximately 3,200 cases of COVID since New Years Day, approximately 2,200 of which were detected before students returned. Which should mean 1,000 cases were detected on campus. Which is weird since the Ohio U COVID Dashboard says only 324 students have tested positive in the past 2 months. The below screenshot was taken yesterday after the COVID dashboard was put back up after being un-updated for a week and then taken down.

The COVID Dashboard is back down now.

It is clear Ohio University has failed to properly record and report this data. This sloppy data and process also led to many students being locked out of their dorms in the cold among other things. Gillian Ice was forced to admit that she does not even know how many students were stranded outside as a result of Ohio University’s poor testing policy. If testing was optional no one would be barred from their dorm room, class, or campus buildings they paid tuition to use.

Ohio University continues to rely on this faulty data to make faulty public health decisions, that continue to hurt students and staff.

The pre-semester required test deadline has been once again delayed. The pre-semester test must now be completed before the end of the second week of the semester. This is obviously anti-science. Clearly Ohio University and we can agree mass asymptomatic testing doesn’t actually matter, but they refuse to make testing optional so they can use not testing to coerce students into getting more vaccine doses.

Knowing what to do after you have been exposed can be confusing, especially with people like Gillian spreading so much misinformation and being wrong constantly. Gillian Ice is finally using the CDC terminology which is up-to-date. Which means if you are eligible for a booster and have not taken it you are considered the same as the UNVACCINATED.

OU has now grouped people with only 2 doses with people with no doses of the vaccine. If you are not boosted and you’re not ineligible for the booster you now have to follow the same restrictions as the unvaccinated. The new category is people who have their booster, or got their second dose in the past 6 months, or got the J&J shots less than 2 months ago. The CDC calls this group “up to date”.

Everyone else including people with 2 doses over 6 months ago, people with J&J over 2 months ago, and unvaccinated people are now considered “all other individuals” OU has made it clear that if you do not give in and comply with big pharma you will be outcast and treated like a plague rat.

In a last ditch effort to not admit they lied about the effectiveness of masks, vaccines, and mass testing Gillian Ice has resorted to the “swiss cheese model”

The swiss cheese model tries to take all the prevention methods that have previously clearly failed and group them together and try to claim that together they do work. As if we took turns trying vaccines, then trying masking, then tried social distancing. The swiss cheese model is anti-science and there are no studies or data to support it. There is however studies and data to discredit it.

For example France, which despite implementing everything in the swiss cheese model for months they could not control the spread at all. France now has more cases than they ever did without vaccines, masking, or testing. The swiss cheese model is anti-science misinformation.


With N95 mandates, vaccine passports and 2 months of a lockdown for unvaccinated people, cases in Austria have reached a second new high. The swiss cheese model even with N95’s failed to stop the spread in Austria.


Marin County, CA, is the most heavily vaccinated large US county, where 95%+ of seniors are vaccinated, nearly 80% have had a booster dose, and masks are required. despite all that they set a new record for hospitalizations. The swiss cheese model does not only fail to stop spread, it also CAN NOT stop hospitalizations.


By far the most obvious proof of the swiss cheese model’s failure is COVID cases increasing over 100% since Ohio University began mandating the swiss cheese model preventions.

Despite this Gillian Ice one again makes the anti-science claim that the layered infection prevention measures (swiss cheese model) will protect you and help stop the spread. This just simply is not true, and there is nothing to back up this claim.

Unlike the swiss cheese model, A new, peer-reviewed study from Brazil of over 150k subjects finds regular prophylactic use of Ivermectin “was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates.


If Ohio University really wanted to protect students and staff they would stop pretending these failed methods of prevention like masks, COVID vaccines, and mass testing are actually working, and they would actually trust the science and make masking, testing, and vaccination optional while not suppressing other effective and LIFE SAVING treatments. Ohio University’s current COVID policies are illegal, unconstitutional, and anti-science.

There are over 1,300 peer reviewed studies of alternative treatments to COVID vaccines showing most alternatives and early treatments are much more effective than the failed swiss cheese model. When there are so many effective alternative treatments that have a much lower risk of killing you from adverse side effects there is little reason to take an EUA COVID vaccine, and ABSULETLY NO REASON to mandate COVID vaccines. Primarily Because in the event you are harmed by the EUA vaccines, you cannot sue anyone for the damages they cause you. Learn more about the PREP ACT Liability Protection here.

Vaccine mandates are proven not to stop the spread, they cause more harm than good. Don’t miss our last Press Release about that subject.

Read the full public health update below:

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