Explaining Why Vaccine Mandates Don’t Protect Others and Cause More Harm Than Good

As we talked about yesterday in our Quick Fact cases in Athens County are up over 100% since Ohio University Announced their vaccine mandate. In a world without disinformation this increase in cases would be all the proof needed to show mandating vaccines, testing, and masks failed to stop the spread. Sadly because of disinformation some have been manipulated to believe vaccines and mandating vaccines were never meant to stop the spread. According to the FDA’s COMIRNATY Package insert preventing COVID-19 was the indicated use of COMIRNATY. Not preventing deaths, not reducing symptoms, preventing COVID, which we now know the Vaccines DO NOT DO.

On top of that here is a video of health “experts” saying the vaccines stop the spread of COVID (which we know now is false) in order to manipulate people into receiving the experimental and hastily studied vaccines.

Anybody who was actually following the science and data knew that the vaccine efficacy was quickly found to be much lower than originally claimed by the Big Pharma companies. Weeks before Ohio University announced their vaccine mandate the CDC director even admitted the COVID vaccines could not prevent transmission.

When Ohio University announced their vaccine mandate they claimed “vaccination is our best protection against COVID-19 and will ultimately help end the pandemic” We now know the current COVID vaccines DO NOT offer protection from COVID infection but the Director of the CDC admitted that weeks before the mandate announcement. After over a year of having vaccines available and cases, hospitalizations, and deaths increasing it is obvious vaccines are not helping end the pandemic.

So is COVID really that dangerous? Is it necessary to vaccinate young people and children? The answer to both is no. Just this past weekend the CDC director also had to admit “The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities. So, really, these are people who were unwell to begin with.”

The CDC’s own data from 1/9/2022 shows about 95% of deaths were people with 4+ comorbidities, who died WITH COVID. Only about 5% of deaths of were people died FROM COVID.

There are currently 868,746 total COVID deaths in America. Based on this data we can estimate only about 5% or only 43,437 Deaths have been FROM COVID. The other 95% or 825,309 died with 4+ Other causes, or in the CDC directors words “people who were unwell to begin with.”

There are currently 1,017,001 Adverse events, 21,382 which resulted in Death reported to the CDC from the current COVID vaccines. You can read the details of all the 1 million+ reports by scrolling to bottom of this page: https://www.medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?TABLE=ON&GROUP1=CAT&EVENTS=ON&VAX=COVID19

Multiple studies have found only 10% to as little as 1% of injuries are reported to VAERS.

A recent analysis of the data found the estimated underreporting factor for COVID vaccine injuries in VAERS is between 31 and 100, so the actual death toll from the vaccine in the U.S. could be anywhere from 278,500 to 898,600 deaths from the COVID vaccines. remember only 43,437 Deaths have been FROM COVID

We also know college aged people are by far the lowest risk groups for COVID:

There are over 1,300 peer reviewed studies of alternative treatments to COVID vaccines showing most alternatives and early treatments are much more effective than the COVID vaccines. When there are so many effective alternative treatments that have a much lower risk of killing you from adverse side effects there is little reason to take an EUA COVID vaccine. Primarily Because in the event you are harmed by the EUA vaccines, you cannot sue anyone for the damages they cause you. Learn more about the PREP ACT Liability Protection here.


In Summary:

Does this mean no one should get a COVID vaccine?

No, High risk individuals and anyone who gives informed consent should get the vaccine as long as they want it.

Should vaccines be mandated to keep others safe?

No, COVID vaccines do not prevent infection or spread and therefore do not “keep others safe”.

Does this mean people should get the freedom to choose how they treat themselves for COVID?

Yes! Everyone’s health is different, with so many effective alternative treatments (that are being suppressed by mainstream media and Big Pharma) you should absolutely have the freedom to choose and consult with health professionals about your personal situation and what treatment protocol fits you best. The science and data clearly shows the vaccine fits all approach has not only been ineffective but dangerous.


Why would the mainstream media want to suppress alternative treatments?

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