QUICK FACT: Cases in Athens County are up 100% since OU Announced The Vaccine Mandate

Since Ohio University Announced Their Vaccine Mandate COVID Cases are up 100%. OU Announced their vaccine mandate August 31st, 2021. Since then as of the January 10th, 2022 data release 7 day average case rates in Athens county are up exactly 100%. This is the second time cases in Athens have reached a new all time high since the Vaccine mandate was announced.

People who believe the science knew this would happen. Just recently the CDC Director had to admit coronavirus vaccines do not prevent transmission of the virus, despite the fact they were largely sold that way to the American public originally. The repeated lie that COVID vaccines prevented transmissions is exactly what the purpose of the vaccine mandate was. Now that it is common knowledge the vaccines DO NOT prevent transmission the mandate should be lifted as it CAN NOT achieve what it was designed to achieve. Emergency Use Authorized vaccines should be optional. Vaccinated people can catch and spread COVID just like anyone else. Vaccine mandates DO NOT reduce the spread.

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