Ohio University Has Removed Their COVID DASHBOARD after Not Updating it for Over a Week

Many have been waiting for the OU COVID dashboard to update with new testing results this past week. That never happened, now the Ohio University COVID-19 Dashboard (https://www.ohio.edu/coronavirus/dashboard) has been removed as of 1/12/2022. The test to return requirement was a complete failure and only caused more harm than good. According to OU “Ohio University’s COVID-19 Dashboard is updated on Tuesdays and Fridays”. We have checked it everyday for the past couple weeks. Below is what the Dashboard looked like yesterday. You can see it was last updated 1/4/2022 or 8 days ago.

Many students received an email from Gillian Ice saying their test couldn’t be processed and students must schedule another test. Required weekly testing is only going to cause more problems as we talked about here.

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