For the 4th Semester In A Row OU Has Changed ALL The Rules Just Days Before The First Day of Class

First on January 3rd Ohio University announced they will be requiring a test to return to campus or a second test to return to campus if you are a residential student.

This mass testing of asymptomatic students serves no purpose but to inflate case numbers and justify further restrictions as I talk about in my previous post PCR Testing to Return to Campus Requires the Right to Refuse. It is Illegal to Require.

What Ohio University doesn’t want students to know is According to the FDA Emergency Use Authorization guidelines and 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3 individuals being administered an Emergency Use Authorized product “have the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.”

The Vault Health tests and all COVID tests are Emergency Use Authorized. Which means all students have the right to refuse taking a COVID test

Below is a copy of the email I sent to COVID Operations to inform them I am refusing the tests. I encourage other student’s who are asymptomatic to trust the science and CDC guidance and refuse the test.

Next Ohio University sent out the return to campus updates.

In this update the President mentions the new definitions of unvaccinated and vaccinated which we talk about next, and also Encourages staff who can work remotely to do so. So most of our classes will be online because that is music to professors ears. For most professors there is nothing better than letting kids learn nothing while they work from their bedroom in pajamas. Here you can find 75 studies and publications concluding the harm of remote learning.

OU has now grouped people with only 2 doses with people with no doses of the vaccine. If you are not boosted and you’re not ineligible for the booster you now have to follow the same restrictions as the unvaccinated. The new category is people who have their booster, or got their second dose in the past 6 months, or got the J&J shots less than 2 months ago. The CDC calls this group “up to date”.

Everyone else including people with 2 doses over 6 months ago, people with J&J over 2 months ago, and unvaccinated people are now considered “all other individuals” OU has made it clear that if you do not give in and comply with big pharma you will be outcast and treated like a plague rat.

Boosters, and all available COVID vaccines in the United States are Emergency Use Authorized and thus require the right to refuse as I proved in my previous post An OU Student Asked COVID Operations If They Could Receive The Only FDA APPROVED COVID Vaccine COMIRNATY. OU Could Not Provide an Answer.

Ohio University’s latest restriction may be their dumbest yet.

I have to give OU some credit, after 2 years they finally admitted cloth masks like the ones Ohio University provided students DO NOT WORK. but instead of doing the right thing and making masks optional OU has mandated different masks that studies show are just as ineffective. Here you can find 150 studies and publications proving masks including N95’s are ineffective and may even cause harm.

According to OU: “regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. Students, faculty, and staff should use KN95s or equivalents whenever possible.”

The CDC says there are many reasons and scenarios were you should NOT wear a KN95s mask. These reasons include having certain types of facial hair, masks with valves or vents should not be worn, it should not be worn if you find it hard to breathe, you should not wear a mask if wet or dirty, and you should not wear a counterfeit mask. The CDC also says about 60% of KN95s masks are fake and will not provide the same protection.

If you have any of the below facial hairstyles with an X you SHOULD NOT wear a KN95s or equivalent according to the CDC.

Luckily for those who do not want to wear a mask, another thing Ohio University does not want you to know is that ALL MASKS AND RESPIRATORS are EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZED. I created the graphic below so you can easily and quickly show people it is your legal RIGHT to refuse to wear a mask. It also proves that all masks even KN95s and equivalents are EUA. it also includes 3 studies proving masks and N95’s are ineffective and even harmful. you can find 150 studies and publications proving this Here. Forcing you to wear a mask is a violation of US Federal Code and FDA guidelines.

OU WILL continue to break the law, manipulate you with fear, and encourage self censorship as long as we keep complying with their unscientific and illegal mandates. It is your legal right to refuse all of these mandates. Stop letting Ohio University lie to you, stop complying with illegal mandates.

You can apply for exemptions from OU to testing, masking, and COVID vaccination here:

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