An OU Student Asked COVID Operations If They Could Receive The Only FDA APPROVED COVID Vaccine COMIRNATY. OU Could Not Provide an Answer.

A student who wishes to remain anonymous (because of the frequent attacks by students and staff at Ohio University against unvaccinated students) sent the following email to the Ohio University COVID Operations email.

The student wanted to know if they could get COMIRNATY which is the ONLY FDA approved COVID vaccine when they return to campus. A question you would expect our “health advisors” to be able to answer.

Gillian Ice the “Special Assistant to the President for Public Health Operations” replied back to the student through the COVID Operations email address with the following:

The student asked about a specific vaccine (COMIRNATY) and Gillian has continued this pattern of vaguely referring to the vaccines and not giving an answer.

Gillian tells the student to go to to get information on where to get “a vaccine”. Essentially ignoring the student’s question. Let’s break this down to understand why the student was answered in this confusing way.

She couldn’t answer YES because COMIRNATY is NOT available in America. So she would be lying.

The CDC confirmed this in their COVID-19 Vaccine Related Codes list. The CDC says COMIRNATY Products ARE NOT ORDERABLE AT THIS TIME.

The CDC attached a statement from Pfizer where Pfizer admits they DO NOT plan on producing the FDA approved COMIRNATY doses and will continue to distribute and make the Emergency Use Authorized vaccine available.

From Table 1 at

In addition as the Ohio Star reported a nurse at Ohio’s Miami University claimed in an Affidavit She Could Not Get the FDA-Fully Approved COMIRNATY Vaccine.

Ohio University Spokesperson Jim Sabin even told the Ohio Star “They (the vaccines) are being distributed in this area by the Athens City-County Health Department and OhioHealth,”

OhioHealth, One of Ohio’s largest hospital systems is not distributing the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) fully approved COVID-19 vaccine, it confirmed to The Ohio Star last Wednesday.

“As of today’s stock, we are currently distributing the Pfizer vaccine that does not have the Comirnaty branding label,” Katie Logan, a spokeswoman for OhioHealth said by email.

Furthermore, the website Gillian linked DOES NOT say ANYWHERE that COMIRNATY is available, in fact on the site’s FAQ’s say there are ONLY 3 vaccine currently available and they are ALL EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZED.


She couldn’t tell the truth and say No it’s not available because that would mean she and the school are aware their vaccine mandate is unlawful. So they have to deflect and play dumb like they don’t know Comirnaty isn’t available or even Orderable.

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